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the empire never ended.
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they all had pancake
here's the Spock's POV part of the story, the conclusion.  This has not been beta'd and any weird formatting errors are totally my layout's fault, I think.  I just installed a new one.  Anyway, reviews are amazing and I'll love you forever just for reading.  The book spock reads is totally Slaughterhouse Five, btw, which is where many of the the italicized quotes in this part are from (you'll know which ones.) It was oddly fitting, you'll see, I hope :)
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they all had pancake
So I wrote fanfic for the first time ever. Don't judge me I AM BORED.
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girl talk with bernadette
So you're going to totally judge me, but WAIT DON'T because I know I have approximately 6,847 fandoms I'm entrenched in like a creepy sleeper assassin, but oh hey I stayed up until 3 am (again, god, why) reading fanfic.  And I come bearing fic which you should read because this fic is my new happy place. http://archiveofourown.org/works/570858

Anyway you should read it. And then you should also enjoy a thingie I made for my Tumblr, http://startrekognize.tumblr.com/ which is where I do TOS screenshots with Honey Boo Boo captions, and it's also the reason I'm never going to get into heaven. Anyway I've made like 60 of these things and here is my favorite.
Also, a fun fact: we had a winter storm that the weather channel named Khan yesterday (we got approximately zero snow) and upon walking into work I was immediately told I could not scream "KHAAAAAN" and I had to try not to get emotional over Wrath of Khan at work, again. I failed, because one of my coworkers started asking me what Into Darkness is going to be about and I started tearing up and fangirling all over the place. I have this one coworker who is the worst who looked at me like I was deranged.  She is the worst.  Total Muggle, natch.
12th-Aug-2012 02:04 pm - oh my god.
In case you haven't seen the epic that is Here Comes Honey Boo Boo on TLC, you should. It is a spinoff of the tragic pedo-bait nightmare Toddlers and Tiaras and it's starring the little girl who drinks "go go juice" and is a walking PSA against inbreeding.  Or something.  It's set in what I can only assume is Methtown, Georgia and I, who has sat through a girl taking a poo on a carpet on Flavor of Love, was actually nauseated.  Here is a clip of the family. 

Also, I'M BACK.  
31st-May-2011 11:08 pm - wilkommen, bienvenue.
girl talk with bernadette
welcome to my new LJ! I was <lj user="pam_casso">, and i really wanted to change my username, but I was not about to pay $15 to do that. This LJ will mostly be fic-related rambling, nerdy discussion, cute animal pictures, and weird shit I stumble upon on the internet. Once a week I'm going to try to find and review terrible fanfic or something fun, and I'll try to post pictures of RL stuff from time to time. Since I don't have anything much going on right now except for watching Gangland and painting my nails bubblegum pink (two wildly disparate activities, what is wrong with me) I posted Leslie Hall's brilliant "Gem Sweater" in honor of my adorable nephew Kyler, who likes to dance to this song so I call him Junior Gems. 
Hrm, what else to say about myself? those of you who know me as <lj user="pam_casso"> feel free to ignore this, the obligatory intro post. you've patiently waded through my ramblings for years now, so you're exempt. You get an A for effort. 
1) I just finished writing a romance novel. It's epic. I shoved every trope I knew from years of fanfic reading into one book and it's like an exploding crap-bomb of epic.
2) I'm the leader of a gaming guild called the Keen Avengers. My best friend really likes the word "keen," so there you go.
3) I have a nephew who at less than two years old can already say "dalek." Junior Gems is the coolest. 
4) My mom is as nerdy as I am, and she likes to scare people by sneaking up on them and doing Buster Bluth impressions. They are uncannily alike.
5) I'm writing a rock opera about the Bride of Frankenstein. 3 songs in, and I've realized that unemployment has its advantages, now I have the time to do all this crap.
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